Local HVAC and Plumbing provides exceptional heating and air-conditioning services to residents and commercial property owners throughout Chicago.

Regardless of whether your heat stopped working during the day time or evening, we are here to help you get your heat back on promptly. We have emergency availability 24/7 – 365 days a year. We work on a variety of heating systems, including ENERGY STAR products.

Here are some of heating repair services we provide in Chicago:

– Clogged line flushing
– Fixing water leaks
– Fixing improper heating
– Frozen line repair
– Poor insulation repair
– Repairing expansion tanks problems
– Repairing radiators problems
– Damaged pilot light replacement
– Fixing faulty thermocouple sensors
– Damaged valve replacement and repair
– Mineral deposit build-up cleaning by boiler system flushing.

We also provide the following repair services:

– Air flow problems
– Broken fans
– Clogged and dirty air filters
– Damaged coils
– Defective thermostat
– Malfunctioning blowers
– Fixing faulty electrical connections
– Troubleshooting for inadequate (or no heating).

If you have an emergency heating problem, it should only be handled by a reliable, licensed technician. CallĀ  the best heating specialist in Chicago, Local HVAC Repair & Service

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