Furnace Installation


Are you searching for furnace installation in Chicago? Local HVAC and Plumbing have built a reputation for providing residents and businesses with fast, dependable service throughout the city. We are known for our first-rate repairs, maintenance, and installation services.


Were you aware that when you purchase a brand new furnace, you’re entitled to receive a warranty? The warranty will cover most manufacturer defects and furnace repairs.

Just keep in mind that every manufacturer is different — a warranty can last from 5 to 10 years. It feels good to know that your furnace is covered in the event something goes wrong.


We have three different types of furnaces that we install:

Electric Furnaces – People who usually do not have a natural gas line hooked up in their homes tend to have electric heat.

Electric-powered furnaces tend to be more affordable and take up less space compared to other heating systems. However, they are less energy efficient.

Gas Furnace – Gas is known as one of the most popular furnace systems in a home. Gas does a great job of distributing heat evenly throughout a house. Due to the competitive pricing of gas, it’s considered affordable compared to other fuel sources.

Like oil furnaces, electric furnaces tend to be a lot less efficient, but they can be the right choice in some scenarios.

Oil Furnace – In Chicago and other cold regions, tend to use oil heat. Oil-based furnaces are designed to convert oil into heat. Compared to gas, oil is less efficient than gas. Oil heat has an AFUE rating of 80-90%, while gas furnaces are approximately 88-98%.

Do you own a home in Chicago? Need a new furnace installed? Our experienced installers are prepared to come to your home for a free in-house consultation.

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