Air Conditioning Repair


If you have lived through the summer months in Chicago, you know that summer days are humid and hot. Going home or into a building filled with fresh cold air is a relief from the sweltering summer days and warm nights.

It is not uncommon for there to be air-conditioning breakdowns throughout the region. When your air-conditioner or central air unit stops working, you’ll need immediate access to a professional HVAC repair expert. Our team is fully equipped to resolve your air-conditioning emergencies.

Here are a few air-conditioning problems that we repair:

– Relays
– Blower motors
– Thermostats
– Pistons metering
– Electrical components
– Condensate Pumps
– Circuit Boards
– Transformers
– Motor condenser fan
– AC compressor lockup
– Filter replacement
– Dryer replacement
– Low and High pressure
– Coil replacement (AC evaporator)
– AC condensing unit replacement
– Liquid and suction copper line replacement
– AC pressure switches (low and high)

24-Hour Emergency Repair Services

Local HVAC and Plumbing HVAC professionals are ready to respond to your air-conditioning emergency. Before you know it, your cool air and comfort level will be restored. When you need your air-conditioning repaired, we are available for your emergencies 24-hours daily — 7 days a week.

We offer:

– Emergency repairs
– Available 365 days
– Superior service guarantee
– Trusted, certified technicians

Residents and commercial customers choose our company to handle their HVAC repair and replacement needs.


Sometimes air-conditioning problems aren’t easily detected. Then there are times that they are plain obvious. For example, when an air-conditioner or central air unit bursts out lukewarm air,you know it’s time to schedule an appointment for repair.

However, there are instances when it’s not too obvious that you need your ac fixed. Here are a few more signs it’s time to call for help:

—Your air-conditioner unit is more than 10-12 years old. The age of your ac will have an effect on its performance level.

—Your Energy bills have skyrocketed, but you’re unsure why. Once you upgrade your ac unit to a more energy-efficient one, you won’t have to adjust the air just to get it comfortable in your home.

—You constantly have expensive repairs. If you need your ac repaired multiple times a year, consider getting it replaced.

These are just a handful of signs it’s time for repair. If you are having any problem with your ac, it’s time to schedule an appointment to see what’s going on. If you’re unit has past the age expectancy, you’ll need a new air-conditioner installed.

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    Whether you have an emergency or a simple repair, our HVAC professionals are available for in-house service calls. We will repair or replace your air-conditioning system, so that you experience comfort once again.